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Lucky Ducklings by Eva Moore, illustrated by Nancy Carpenter

Lucky Ducklings by Eva Moore, illustrated by Nancy Carpenter


This charming homage to Make Way for Ducklings by Robert McCloskey completely stands on its own two feet. It’s based on a true story from Montauk, Long Island when five little ducklings fell into a storm drain while out on a walk with their mother. Everyone around runs to help to no avail until one bystander connects a cable on his pick-up truck to the grate and pulls it off. A fireman descends into the murky waters and plucks the ducklings out one by one to the cheers of everyone waiting above. The family waddles back to their pond with the help of a policeman who helps by halting traffic with an outstretched hand as in McCloskey’s classic. This story is new and fresh but bears a comforting and satisfying similarity to Make Way for Ducklings. Carpenter’s art work is absolute perfection. I read this to some 3rd graders recently and they LOVED it. They also got the connection to McCloskey’s famous book and then understood what an homage really is. Ah, the wonders of a picture book!


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