Have you seen this book yet?

Brief Thief by Michael Escoffier



Sometimes a book does not come to my attention but, instead, a good friend finds it and let’s me know. Cicely Shelton-Barnes brought this book to a Virginia Readers’ Choice meeting and had all of us in tears from laughing. This book is a sure-fire hit for young children and the fact that the word “underpants” is in it is part of the reason. Cicely is a gifted 2nd grade teacher so she knows well what makes kids laugh. Lizard has had a lovely breakfast and realizes soon afterwards that he has to (ahem) do his business. He hides behind a tree, takes care of business but finds there is no paper. He does spy a pair of discarded briefs hanging on a branch and uses them. A short time he hears  voice saying, “Who do you think you are?” It says it’s his conscience and begins to make Lizard think that maybe he did take a pair of underpants that weren’t meant for him. The voice makes him wash out the underpants and hang them out to dry. Lizard scampers away and then a bunny appears who says, “Old underpants full of holes, indeed?” What happens next will have your kids rolling on the floor laughing! You didn’t think I’d give away the ending, did you? Buy this book – it’s a guaranteed crowd pleaser.


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