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Mr. Tiger Goes Wild by Peter Brown

Mr. Tiger Goes Wild by Peter Brown

Mr. Tiger lives in the city with all his animals friends. They wear stodgy suits and ties and live in cramped apartments. Mr. Tiger begins to feel that he needs a little wildness in his life. Before you know it, he is walking on all fours. The other animals are outraged. He gets wilder and wilder until he decides not to wear clothes at all. Oh my! The others tell him to go be wild in the wilderness by himself and off he goes. He loves his wildness until he realizes his misses his friends and his home. He returns to the city but does not don a suit and tie. Instead he wears a Hawaiian shirt! And he discovers that things have changed. He now feels free to be himself and so does everyone else. This is a fun book about identity and being yourself. Brown’s art starts out drab and dull and livens up as Mr. Tiger himself does. By the end, color is on every page – not shout out loud color – but color everywhere.

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