Have you seen this book yet?

It’s an Orange Aardvark! by Michael Hall

Carpenter ants (wearing hard hats!) are the stars of this fun and engaging book. They are fearful of aardvarks because, well, they eat carpenter ants (hard hats and all!). Before they leave their tree they make holes to look outside and see whether the coast is clear. At the opening of each hole they do see an aardvark! They know aardvarks are grey but the one they see is orange. At least the worrywart thinks it’s an aardvark. Hole after hole a different color is seen and the worrywart cries out in alarm. In the end, they are not seeing an aardvark at but something with the initials ROYGBIV. The design is perfect and the illustrations are bright enough to draw in any preschooler in the room.


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