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She is Not Invisible by Marcus Sedgwick

Laureth Peak is the 16 year-old blind daughter of a writer who has left behind the funny books he wrote to delve into his passion: numbers and patterns. He is having trouble getting this writing project off the ground and his family suffers for it as he becomes somewhat obsessed about the history of patterns and numbers. Laureth tends to his website and receives an email from a young man in Brooklyn, NY who has found her father’s writer’s notebook. But wasn’t Dad supposed to be in Europe somewhere? With Mum away visiting her sister, Laureth leaves London for NY in hopes of retrieving the notebook and finding her father whom she fears has gone way off the deep end. She takes her 7 year-old brother as her “guide” and they are soon in NY. The plot sounds crazy but in the hands of Sedgwick it is entirely believable. It incorporates the patterns and numbers that are obsessing Dad and Laureth tries hard to puzzle it all out. It is so cleverly plotted that is was a joy to read. Sedgwick keeps up the suspense until the very end when he divulges a pattern of his own to the reader. Laureth is a well drawn character who surpasses even her own expectations of her abilities as she negotiates her way through the puzzle clues her father has left behind. Blindness does not make you invisible. This was an amazing read.


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