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Shoe Dog by Megan McDonald

This book is a treat because the author writes with such an ear for sound and rhythm and the illustrator (Katherine Tillotson) dares to do something different with her art. The result is a very terrific book. Shoe Dog is adopted from a rescue center and is delighted to go to a home where he will get pets, kisses, and love. As soon as Shoe Dog gets home, he earns his name by chewing up his owner’s shoe. She tells him no  but in no time at all he has found another shoe to teethe on. Each time she, herself (she is referred to as that all throughout and, read aloud, it’s gorgeous) takes a privilege away until shoe dog finally makes the connection. The fluid illustrations – almost squiggle-like – captures Shoe Dog’s brio and innocence perfectly. In the end Shoe Dog makes a compromise that is very satisfying to readers. This is a real winner.



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One thought on “Shoe Dog by Megan McDonald

  1. I read this book to my classes at JMU and one student came up to me today to say she loved it so much that she went out and bought a copy for her future classroom. I was so chuffed. I must admit, she has great taste! 🙂

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