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Candace Fleming Wins Children’s Book Guild Non-Fiction Award!

On Saturday, April 5th, Candace Fleming received the coveted Children’s Book Guild Non-Fiction Award in Washington, D.C. This particular prize is awarded for the body of work of a particular non-fiction author.

Candy’s non-fiction is extraordinary and each book reads like a story. In fact, Candy said in her acceptance speech that each of her  non-fiction books contain an arc. I typically associate “arc” with fiction but she is spot on. That’s why her work is so appealing to kids. She said that she tries to find an “equivalent moment” for the reader to buy into the story. In other words, she searches for relevance which we all know is key to getting kids interested in reading.

I think my favorite of her books is Amelia Lost: The Life and Disappearance of Amelia Earhart. We come to this book already knowing so much about Amelia Earhart that this book could have been just a rehash of the many stories we have already heard. Not with Candy Fleming. The structure of the story is so clever – she begins with Earhart’s plane going missing and then toggles back and forth to what led Earhart to that point in her life and the search for the plane. Given our acquaintance with Earhart’s story she wisely gave us the end of the story and went on from there. It works magnificently. If you haven’t read Amelia Earhart, you are in for a rare treat.


Candy spoke a good deal about her new book coming in July called The Family Romanov: Murder, Rebellion, and the Fall of Imperial Russia and I can hardly wait to read it. I went to Russia last summer and was so intrigued by the story of the Romanovs that I promised myself I would delve into that history at the first opportunity. Well, Candy’s book will be that chance for me. The story is inherently mysterious and their disappearance remains fascinating as a story and as a time in history. Pre-order this one right now.


Congratulations to Candy Fleming for winning the award and a huge thank you to her for all the excellent non-fiction she provides for children that help them see the world in different ways. There is no time to  go into it now but Candy is also an amazing writer of fiction. To talk about ALL of them would have me up all night! Both novels and picture books, her work is as diverse as it is good. Check out her website to see for yourself and enjoy!


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