Have you seen this book yet?

Duck and Goose Go to the Beach by Tad Hills

This book will be coming out on Tuesday, April 8th and you are going to want it big time! I have loved Duck and Goose from the very first one in this wonderful series. I saw a preview of upcoming books at an ALA Midwinter and up popped the cover of the first D&G. I was impressed by how vivid and fun the art was and that I could see it from way in the back. Schwartz and Wade shared it with us and I fell in love with these two friends. Now D&G are going to the beach. At first,, Goose is not sure about the idea of a trip but Duck’s enthusiasm pulls him along. When they get to the beach Goose LOVES it….and now Duck isn’t so sure. It’s funny and clever and the illustrations are perfect. It’s a must have for your classrooms and for any little ones who have a longstanding relationship with D&G. 🙂 My granddaughter (22 months) loves D&G and I have read the pumpkin title a gazillion times. I haven’t minded once.


Irresistable, right?

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