Have you seen this book yet?

Here Comes the Easter Cat by Deborah Underwood

Happy Easter everyone! I just have to mention this book from Deborah Underwood , the creator of The Quiet Book, The Loud Book, The Christmas Quiet Book among others, that celebrates Easter. The protagonist here is a cat who is just this side of arrogant who decides he wants to take over the Easter bunny’s duties. The narrator talks to the cat and while the cat doesn’t talk back, he does make facial grimaces and holds up signs – he gets his point across. He’s a lot like Chester the cat from Chester by Melanie Watt – full of himself and funny as hell. He comes up with all the ways he could do the job better than the Easter bunny and his ideas are hilarious. What I particularly like about this book is how the narrator’s questions and replies make up the whole book with the cat only reacting. It’s so effective. Pick it up – your kids will love it. I should also mention that the charming illustrations are by Claudia Rueda. They are both simple and spare – done in ink and colored pencils – yet the cat’s expressions are captured wonderfully on each page.  The illustrations are a perfect match to the story.



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