Have you seen this book yet?

PhotoPlay! Doodle. Design. Draw. by M.J.Bronstein


I received this book in the mail from Chronicle Books the other day and sat down with it to see what it was. It didn’t scream “children’s book” to me but Chronicle publishes such interesting and innovative books that I had to take a look. I was immediately taken with the book. It contains photographs that are captioned in an open-ended way that makes you imagine a story to go with it almost immediately. Think The Mysteries of Harris Burdick and you’ll be on the right track. I thought it was very intriguing so I brought it to class today and shared it with my students. These students are graduating in just a couple of weeks and will officially be teachers. I’m proud of them – they’re going to rock the classroom! They went nuts for this book! I was really tickled they loved it so much. They think like teachers and they thought that a) the photography was awesome, and b) each of them would make fantastic writing prompts for the kids they will soon teach. I think I just sold 24 copies for Chronicle! Take a look at this book if you are looking for ways to get kids writing or if you want to set your own imagination free. It’s a treat. Go to the following URL to see actual downloadable pages from the book:


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