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The Blossoming Universe of Violet Diamond

The main character in this audio (and book!), Violet, is so well drawn, so smart, and so likable that you are pulled into her story immediately.
Violet never met her father because he died in a car accident months before she was born. She knows little about him and has never met any of his relations. What she does know is he was African-American and she knows that her own skin reflects that heritage. Violet lives in a small town where she sticks out as the only biracial child. She wishes she looked more like her Mom or her older sister just so she’d fit in. Now 11 years-old, Violet begins to ask about her Dad and why it is her grandmother on that side has never reached out to her. Her questions lead to her meeting her grandmother and ultimately realizing she doesn’t stick out – she’s Violet Diamond. This audio was wonderful. The narrator did a great job with the varied voices and every bit of it sounded real. This book and/or audio is terrific for biracial children who feel like they don’t belong anywhere when, in fact, they belong everywhere. This is a great story for children ages 8-12 and such a good example of a child looking for who she is when it was in front of her all the time. I loved it!


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