Have you seen this book yet?

The Julian Chapter – A Sequel to Wonder

I just heard that an e-book is being published this Tuesday, May 13th by Random House and it is a sequel to Wonder by R.J. Palacio. Wonder was a huge hit and deservedly so. My students (who are preservice teachers) love it when I assign it. Wonder has found a place in the classroom already and it will continue to grow. How can you not like a book that encourages kindness and empathy?

41TwFAcaOXL._AA160_In some of the press I have seen heralding this sequel Julian is referred to as the most hated character in Wonder and I think they just might be right. Although a close second, for me, is his horrible mother. That old adage about apples not falling far from trees is dead right in this case.

I have already pre-ordered the e-book from Amazon and on the 13th it will magically appear on my Kindle app. How cool is that!? And the cost is only $1.99. I say go for it. Look for my take on it soon!


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