Have you seen this book yet?

Bob Shea – A Banner Year

Unless my math is wrong (and it could easily be), Bob Shea has three books out this year…so far! What genius! (or perhaps he’s just showing off?) You’ll have to decide for yourself by going out and buying all three. 🙂

9781423168072_p0_v2_s600In January came Buddy and the Bunnies in: Don’t Play with your Food. Another very funny book for the ages 4-8 crowd, this one centers around the adage, “Don’t play with your food.” In this book, however, he means it literally. It’s a hoot.


Just out is the latest in the Dinosaur series, Dinosaur versus School, in which Dinosaur starts kindergarten. He’s got to make friends, do arts & crafts, and other kindergarten rituals. Dinosaur is a force unto himself in school or out but, roar, roar, roar, Dinosaur wins! This is so much fun to read aloud if you’re willing to put some oomph into it. Kids love Dinosaur and I do too.


Some time back, Bob Shea was teamed up with the incredible Lane Smith to create this crazy wonderful book, Big Plans.  I think it was a match made in….well, the publishers office, but they really are completely on the same page. Everything about this book was fun including the large trim size. The two have teamed up again, this time with a Western complete with a lawman named Kid Sheriff. I was searching for an image and found this wonderful review of the book at a site called geekdad. Click here to read a review far better than I can write.


This hilarious Western from an 8 year-old’s viewpoint comes out in October but it’s worth the wait. Never fear, I’ll remind you when the book comes out.


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