Have you seen this book yet?

I’m Back! (but sadly, so is Sarah Palin)


The_Giver_15I apologize for not posting these last few times but I have been traveling in Eastern Europe. Of course, I couldn’t post that because that’s like putting out a welcome mat for burglars, isn’t it? If you are careful readers, however, you will see I posted once from abroad when I was in Belgrade, Serbia and saw a ton of US children’s books in their bookstores. Still, I didn’t actually say I was away from home, did I? I’m back now so look for my twice weekly posts starting now.

I was just reading The Guardian (a British newspaper I really like) and there was an article about Sarah Palin who apparently fancies herself a movie critic now. This blog is not meant to be one about politics so this is not a blast at her politics. It’s a blast at a person who knows nothing about children’s literature using an extraordinary book, The Giver, to make a ridiculous political statement. Here’s a link to the article:

The good news is she liked the movie but the bad news is she “repositions the dystopian tale as an anti-Obama polemic.” I’m betting that never occurred to Lois Lowry – especially since the book came out in 1993 – 21 years ago!


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