Have you seen this book yet?

Halloween anyone?

Now is the time to start thinking about Halloween books so you can have them ready to go when late October rolls around. I am so excited to to spotlight Laura Vaccaro Seeger’s latest addition to her Dog and Bear series. I love Seeger’s inventiveness, playfulness, and all around cleverness (is that even a word?) in each and every one of her books. Dog and Bear was inspired by her own little dog and an old stuffed bear she has.


The series started with Dog and Bear: Two Friends, Three Stories (2007) which was followed by Dog and Bear: Two’s Company in 2008. These books are so charming and so accessible for beginning readers. Her third book in the series, Dog and Bear: Three to Get Ready (2009),  only whets your appetite for more. Young children love stories about friendship and it is friendship that is at the heart of this book. Actually, as I write this I realize that “heart” is at the core of this entire series. The latest is Dog and Bear: Tricks and Treats and it’s terrific. There are three stories just as in all the other titles in the series. The first is called “The Other Bear” and we see Bear getting a little overwrought when he sees another bear EXACTLY like himself in the costume shop fitting room. Who COULD that be! “Ding Dong” tells the story of a very excited Dog who can’t wait for the trick-or-treaters. When they say “Trick or Treat?” Dog exclaims, “Treats!” But who exactly is getting the treats? In “No Treats for You” a ghost answers the door to Dog and Bear but won’t give them any treats because they’re not wearing costumes. As in all of the “chapters,” it is the pictures that tell so much of the story. The ghost is surprised when Dog and Bear insist they ARE wearing costumes. This book will be a treat for every trick-or-treater!

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