Have you seen this book yet?

¡Olinguito, de la A ala Z! by Lulu Delacre


This is an extraordinary Alphabet book for all children and is an essential buy for all schools and libraries. It’s an alphabet book but so much more. First of all, it is in Spanish and English and, wonder of wonders, the Spanish comes first. Take that English supremacy!!! 🙂

Second of all, the alphabet is part of a larger story. The creature, the Olinguito, is the most recently identified new mammal in the cloud forest in Ecuador and readers explore the forest with a Lulu Delacre is such a lovely writer and her commitment to sharing her language of origin, Spanish, shines in this book.  I learned so much! As Delacre takes us through the cloud forest she presents the flora and the fauna along the way and then identifies and explains each of them in the back matter. That is an author who cares about the child reader and knows what they will be wondering about.

This is an alphabet book, a bilingual story, a habitat book, a non-fiction book, and it is all beautifully illustrated with graphic paintings and collage. This book has something for absolutely everyone!


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